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Blueberry Bamboo consultant Chris Verrill is a media professional who takes pride in driving corporate success while simultaneously working to making his community a better place to live. He increased fundraising revenue for public television station KIXE, increased audience for public radio station WBJC, introduced Broadway theatre to China, and pioneered eCommerce in online retail. He’s done marketing, public relations and program production for performing arts, educational television, public radio, inpay for research paper impromptu speechternational schools and Silicon Valley start-ups.

Program Production

Blueberry Bamboo professionals have produced, directed or performed in over 100 stage, TV and radio shows. From small two person shows to shows with 100 cast and crew. We can produce your show for you, too.

China Business/Political Consulting

13 year China veteran lectures and consults about how to do business in China. And more importantly, how not to do business in China.

Project Work

From press releases to PowerPoint presentations, we’re can tackle your marketing and PR projects. We’ve professionally produced PPT decks from one slide to 1,000 slides. Slides that effectively create your message. Our press releases and media relations have generated media coverage that strengthen the credibility of your project.

US and Chinese Media

Theatre Pioneering Heavily Censored Media in China

"The packed house was quickly swept off their feet by the romantic atmosphere.” —CCTV Culture Express

Silicon Valley Fantastic

" one of the primary reasons InfoWorld agreed to another annual contract with Sentius. His service of InfoWorld has been fantastic." —InfoWorld

Breath of America Bringing Professionalism and Transparency to China

"You’re the breath of America in the Chinese Capital.” —Gates Bisson, Beijing Community

Problem Solver Understands the Politics of Chinese Business

“Mr Verrill is a consummate professional.” —GATE

“Not often does an expat come to Beijing who has influenced numerous lives in the way that Chris Verrill did.”

“Not often does an expat come to Beijing who has influenced numerous lives in the way that Chris Verrill did with his founding of the Beijing Playhouse (2006) and the Charity Readers Theater (2013). Along with introducing English language community theater to Beijing, he sparked an interest in many actors and other participants involved in these stage shows that they may have otherwise never knew existed. We at beijingkids have featured Verrill in our magazine and blog on numerous occasions because we have always appreciated the hard work he has put into his stage shows and the strong connections he has made with the greater community. When we heard about his upcoming departure we couldn’t let him go without asking him about his plans for the future and what he will miss most about life in Beijing. Though it is always sad to say goodbye, the good he has done outweighs this sorrow and will hopefully create a new generation of stage show enthusiasts that will continue building this art form with the same vigor and passion as Verrill.” —Beijing Kids

Experienced Marketing/PR Professional

Marketing/PR—Etonkids International School
Producing/Hosting—China Radio International
Producing/Hosting—Beijing Radio
eCommerce—Wild Ties
Producing/Directing—Beijing Playhouse
Finance/Accounting—Daily Californian
Finance/Admin/HR—California Aggie

“Be very careful before your business invests in China,” warns 13 year China veteran Chris Verrill.

Contact Us

For inquiries about marketing, media relations, or doing business in China, you can use the Contact Us form.  Or email us directly at creativesolutions [[at]]


Need a PowerPoint presentation done professionally?  Perhaps public speaking skills taught along with it?  Blueberry Bamboo teaches public speaking and creates polished decks anywhere from one slide to ten slides to 1,000 slides.

Need to alert the media about your upcoming project?  We’ll reach out to national media, industry specific media or local media in your market—or all of them.  Blueberry Bamboo has a successful track record of professionally written press releases and media relations generating quality valuable media coverage that strengthen credibility for your company.

Blueberry Bamboo’s writing and public relations efforts have resulted in articles and guest opinions:

USA Today

San Francisco Chronicle

Wall Street Journal

Palo Alto Weekly

Davis Enterprise

Pacifica Tribune

Redding Record Searchlight

In The Fray

San Mateo County Times

Information Today

China Daily


Beijing Kids

Beijing Radio

Beijing Talk

Beijing This Month

Beijing Today

Beijing Weekend

That’s Beijing

Tianjin Plus



Time Out

City Weekend

Broadway World

Chico News and Review

Global Times

South China Morning Post

Little Star

Madame Figaro

Great Wall Gazette


Metro Style


Urban Family


and numerous other USA and international publications.

Silicon Valley Media Background

After profitably selling Wild Ties, Chris Verrill spent two years as the Marketing and Communications Director of the Palo Alto software innovator Sentius Corporation. At Sentius, the pioneer of RichLink dynamic contextual linking software (the precursor to smart tags), Verrill was responsible for all marketing and communications philosophy and practices and served as primary contact for external media inquiries. 

In addition to managing the international public relations efforts, he directed the development and production of all creative marketing materials: print ad campaigns, direct marketing pieces, collateral materials, sales kit development, public relations driven articles, newsletters, Powerpoint Presentations, press releases, and speaking engagements.

In 1995 Blueberry Bamboo consultant and eMarketing pioneer Chris Verrill, launched Wild Ties online retail store. Yes, you read that right:  1995.  Long before most people had access to the internet, before the age of Google, Verrill had the vision to see the future of online eCommerce.   

At the crest of the online revolution, Verrill gave old fashioned retail a high tech twist. Today doing business online is commonplace. In 1995, it was cutting edge. At a time when 62% of online retailers were losing money, his business and marketing expertise quickly made Wild Ties profitable. By combining time-honored marketing strategies in the emerging internet marketplace, he gained customers, closed sales, and built a successful small business.  Verrill is proud to be one of the early pioneers and visionaries of the eCommerce revolution. 

He sold Wild Ties to

Blueberry Bamboo consultant Chris Verrill has produced, directed and appeared in over 100 stage shows at these theatres and others.

·       Altarena Playhouse

·       Beijing Academy of Performing Arts

·       Beijing Playhouse

·       Charity Readers Theatre

·       Coastal Repertory

·       Fells Point Corner Theatre

·       Lane Cove Drama Society

·       New Century Theatre

·       Pacifica Spindrift Players

·       Redding Community Theatre

·       Redding Improv Players

·       Riverfront Playhouse

·       Shasta College

·       Spotlighters

·       Wireless Playhouse

We can produce your show, too.

Blueberry Bamboo has worked with numerous TV and radio stations.

·       Easy FM

·       KALX

·       KCHO/KFPR

·       KDVS

·       KFOI

·       KIXE

·       KPFA

·       KRCB

·       KVPT

·       PCT

·       Q-97

·       Radio 774

·       WBJC

·       WNAV


How do national politics impact our local communities? Local Republicans and Democrats and independents debate the day’s issues and (gasp) try to find common ground.  Public affairs television program 17-40 is currently in development in time for the 2020 election.  17-40—connecting us to the world.

1 Word Interview, a humorous look at national politics, interviews politicians and comedians in the least in-depth interview possible.

Gift Ideas

Blueberry Bamboo is the exclusive licensee of Calliope the Clapping Cow stuffed toys.
Looking to create a long-lasting memory of your grandparents or parents?  Donating unused clothes to charity is a good thing to do.  But you can keep a few of those about to be discarded shirts and dresses and turn them into a beautiful quilt that’s reminds you of your loved ones.  You supply the material.  Our China based seamstress will take care of the rest.  And your heart will be kept warm with cherished memories.He sold Wild Ties to

Chinese Business Political Consulting

13 Year China Veteran

In China, business isn’t business.  It’s politics.  And corrupt politics at that.  Blueberry Bamboo consultant Chris Verrill spent 13 years in the belly of the beast, learning how to do business in China.  And more importantly, how not to do business in China.

What’s the one word of advice for corporations considering doing business in China?  Don’t.

Despite this warning, if you’re still set on starting a business in China, Blueberry Bamboo consultants can alert you to the obstacles, probably save you some money, and definitely save you some heartache.

Verrill spent four years producing and hosting programs on state run media China Radio International and Beijing Radio; broadcasting to a market of 1.3 billion people and getting an insider’s view on China’s censorship and corruption.

He was the founding producer and co-host of China Drive on China Radio International’s Easy FM. Nationally broadcast from 5 pm to 7 pm, Monday to Friday, this features magazine program (think All Things Considered without the quality) continues to entertain English speaking audiences in Beijing, Shanghai, and throughout China. He also produced and hosted CRI’s afternoon music program Easy Café and Beijing Radio’s Going for Gold and My Life in Beijing. His time spent with the official Chinese radio network gives Verrill an insight and expertise in how official Chinese media works that few non-Chinese can claim.

Verrill also established Beijing Playhouse, the largest locally produced English theatre in China, and Beijing Academy of Performing Arts, China’s first standalone theatre education program.

These businesses are in the media; the most sensitive industry in the most censored and corrupt major country in the world.  And he navigated the corrupt Chinese political business system.  Well, as much as that is possible. Which in many respects, it is not.

Global Citizen

Why did September 11 happen?  What does the world think about America since then?  While war raged in Iraq, Blueberry Bamboo consultant Chris Verrill embarks on a travel adventure, from Afghanistan to Athens, Kuwait to Kathmandu, to answer those questions and more.  It’s international politics with a human touch—and a human mission.  His book Is For Good Men To Do Nothing ( documents one USA Rotary Club’s international service project in the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan.  Reminding us that charity begins at home.  But it doesn’t end there.

Creative Content

Identifying, localizing, and creating original TV, film and stage scripts for China’s burgeoning entertainment industry.  Since 2006 Blueberry Bamboo creative content team, formerly the content creative team of China’s English Broadway theatre Beijing Playhouse, has been upping the imagination and professionalism ante of China’s entertainment industry.

Beijing New York

Commissioned full length ten person cast stage farce Beijing<->New York (think Fresh Off the Boat meets Noises Off) is currently receiving praise in workshops.

In the News

In the News
  • “Not often does an expat come to Beijing who has influenced numerous lives in the way that Chris Verrill did."

    Beijing Kids, for international families

  • "Chris Verrill has been around, and his experiences are worth reading about."

    Marie Jones, Curled Up With A Good Book

Recent Success

Recent Success