Wellington College

“Very well-organized, enthusiastic, easy to work with and very professional.” —Chris Boobier, Head of External Relations, Wellington College International Tianjin

Curled Up with a Good Book

"Chris Verrill has been around, and his experiences are worth reading about." —Marie Jones, Curled Up With A Good Book

China Daily

"Earlier productions by....Beijing Playhouse, China's English Broadway Theatre, have already been major hits."

US Embassy

"Beijing Playhouse['s]….performance of the US and Chinese national anthems was very enjoyable and one of the highlights of the day.” —William Weinstein, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy


“Hi Marc, I wanted to drop you a note to express how sorry I am to see Chris go. He is one of the primary reasons InfoWorld agreed to another annual contract with Sentius. His service of InfoWorld has been fantastic. In addition, I've been so pleasantly surprised by and grateful for all the positive PR he's drummed up for both Sentius and InfoWorld. He has been a partner to InfoWorld in every sense of the word.” —Julie Ekstrom, Advertising Director West, InfoWorld


“Mr Verrill is a consummate professional, with a vision and a collaborative process in his method. He is administratively strong with a high attention to detail. As a creative problem solver he is not afraid offer options nor to make tough decisions. A key factor is that Mr. Verrill is a master at creating high functioning teams.” —Stephannie Tebow, Global Academy of Training and Exchange

Swamp Review

"Chris Verrill is a good man, one of those few humans who actually believe they can change the world, and more power to him." —Adrienne Jones, Swamp Review

Beijing Talk

"Beijing Playhouse is China's largest locally produced English Broadway theatre."

CCTV Culture Express

"The packed house was quickly swept off their feet by the romantic atmosphere."


"This was the best Christmas Carol WE have ever seen (and I am sure our youngest will be dreaming of old scrooge for a while!)"—Heike Bargmann, Theatre Patron


“JLL were pleased to partner with Beijing Playhouse and Wellington College to bring Rapunzel to Tianjin. It was a fun show and the kids were singing and dancing along with the cast.” —Michael Hart, Managing Director, Tianjin JLL

McLeish Book Reviews

"I enjoyed Is For Good Men to Do Nothing, which is an excellent piece of journalistic writing. It makes the reader think, and in the current climate that can never be a bad thing." —Simon McLeish, McLeish Book Reviews

World Ahead Publishing

“You're a good writer and have a natural ability to conjure up vivid images with the written word, something I'll be the first to admit is no easy task! You also seem to have a real passion for both your journeys and the people you meet.”—Eric Jackson, World Ahead Publishing

Athena Press

“This book is…a balanced reflection upon the events and the aftermath of September 11th and the Iraq conflict.” —Mark Sykes, Athena Press


"You’re the breath of America in the Chinese Capital.” —Gates Bisson, Beijing Community